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Let’s Junk That

There’s a house I drive past that’s full of junk. The front yard hasn’t been mowed for years that’s because there’s old cars, washing machines  and newspapers stacked up higher than a pole vault bar. I wonder if the folks inside have a smart TV or a broadband plan? One things for certain they don’t like the free local newspapers but they do love maccas. Chris Brennan who used to run NorthPowers 600,000km of poles & wires had a good insight into those who said they were too poor to pay their electricity account. He used to ask them “If you cant pay your bill how can you afford a carton of smokes and three slabs every week?”  By the way Chris was a pioneer of vehicle based GPS so he’d know where some of his less diligent linesman were. He’d call them and ask them where they were and reply “that’s interesting, you say your 15ks west of Kyogle yet your ute is parked at the Railway Hotel in Casino!”