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Who are we?
We are AMG!

About Us

You want increased sales and believe it’s best to get an expert’s advice (that’d be us then). We can’t change your pricing, distribution, service or products but we can create nifty ideas that will make your brand more attractive.

For more than 15 years (seriously... wow time flies), we’ve been helping clients grow with a whole heap of marketing services from TV ads to online banner ads and everything in between.

You might have an under performing web site, need more Facebook followers or need a smart new logo. Just let us know what’s up then it’s over to us to create the magic.

We’ll get busy with a detailed quote and then you can put our talented and seasoned team to work. Yay.


Our creative services

(Media Planning & Buying)

Want to find the best way of reaching your target audience on a tight budget? Tracy has the knack of finding the hidden gems to get your ad seen or heard. With many years buying experience you can be sure your campaign will hit the mark like never before.

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Can’t stop fiddling with excel spreadsheets and loves consumer insights. Paul will ask heaps of questions and has the knack of turning your marketing problem into a simple yet compelling advertising idea.

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(Graphic Design)

Not just an accomplished graphic artist– Ben is an award winner. This means your ad or logo will have exactly the right look to be noticed and that’s what you want. Integrated creative that works again and again, Ben delivers .

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When it comes to words, we rely on Lance’s ability to create clever and persuasive copy delivered with style and charm.

Because he’s been in advertising forever he’s seen some tough briefs and written award winning ads in response. Hmm, will yours be next?

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(Social Media)

Karyn has great social skills but luckily for us, remarkable ways with social media. Let her loose to build a community of followers through timely and witty posts, and message management on your favourite social media.

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Sarah Purnell
(Digital Marketing)

Need to grow your business and reach new markets? Sarah’s marketing experience and digital know-how, can help you turn your website visitors into leads and convert them to life-long customers. Take advantage of the top-performing Inbound Sales and Marketing platform that we have in-house at AMG called Hubspot, and let us manage your online campaigns including email marketing, Adwords and website management.

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