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Digital Marketing Not the Best Day Out

The Digital Marketing Day Out was indeed a day out but not filled with the excitement and take outs that I was looking for. Andrew Griffiths gave a stirring presentation about your own personal brand and kept everyone amused. I gave this 8/10. The next speaker was the founder of the National on line Retailers Association and I thought wow this dude will be up to speed with the very latest do’s and don’ts. Wrong. We did get lots of stories and motherhood statements some of which were good value. 3/10. The third guy Adam Franklin was ok. I wished I was that smart in my 30’s but his presentation did not really have the wow factor - 5/10. So yes the keynotes were ok but nothing I couldn’t have learned by spending the same time doing some online research. 

If this event runs next year I’d like to hear less grand statements and more hands on practical stuff.