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There seems to be renewed pressure from clients to scrutinize costs which is fair enough but at what point does cost cutting erode quality. Last year a small client asked for some sign quotes so we visited the site & measured up then emailed all the specs to two of our reliable suppliers and asked them to visit the site to verify our specs and make recommendations then supply quotes for production and install.

A week later I provided my client with two quotes (including a 10% mark up) and hoped for a “let’s proceed” on our recommendation.   Instead I got nothing. After 2 weeks my client says can you get another 2 quotes & I replied that it’s easy to get cheaper quotes but in the end you get low quality for a low price. Then I heard nothing but noticed a month later new signs up.

Now 12 months later the signs are faded & peeling. I wonder if the great price was such a bargain after all?